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​Photography Club of Long Island (PCLI) members range from those who are just getting started to others who have considerable experience in nearly all phases of photography and post-production.

Club members use digital cameras ranging from professional, to bridge, point and shoot, and smartphones.  A number of PCLI members have websites and do most of their own printing, while others send their work out to be printed and framed.

The subject of our member's photography covers nearly all styles, from landscape, street, wildlife, portraits, events, travel, macro, flowers & foliage, sports and architecture and more.  Some of our members are exploring creative and fine art photography—working with images in photo-editing software to create a vision that is beyond the original image.

PCLI is a learning club and does not engage in scoring competitively as a club. We are all in it to learn and to share. Members are not so much interested in knowing who the best photographer in the group is.

Our mission is to make sure that everyone’s needs are met on all levels, and to help the  new or reluctant member feel at home That does not mean that we don’t have some very gifted photographers.  Our members regularly participate in local and national photography and art exhibitions.   We are honored that several members have won major awards.  Some members have sold their photography through galleries and at exhibits. 

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